Summer 2023 Updates

Our first submission on the experimental track, and agreements to publish extended versions of VISxAI and Info+ submissions.

JoVI Organizing Committee


August 26, 2023

The summer break is winding down, and we would like to give you an update about what’s going on at the new Journal of Visualization and Interaction.

First of all, we have our very first submission for the experimental track currently being reviewed. As the experimental track also exists to experiment with open reviews (among other things), you can follow the process along at Github. The interactive article draft can also be found online.

In addition, we have agreed with two external academic venues, namely the VISxAI workshop at IEEE VIS 2023 and the Information+ Conference 2023, to act as publication venue for the extended versions of their proceedings. These articles will be subject to the same openness requirements as other JoVI submissions, and will go through a second round of reviews before being accepted into the corresponding special issue.

If you have further questions about JoVI, feel free to contact us via email, join our Transparent Research Slack channel, or ping us on Twitter and Mastodon.